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Nov 04, 2016

August Smart Lock Connection Lost when Updating Firmware

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August Smart Lock Connection Lost when Updating Firmware

Over the past week I had the pleasure of purchasing an August Smart Lock. Being that I really dislike pulling out the keys and having to open the door. (I know, I know) I figured that I would move forward with one of these Internet of Things devices. Well first off I was very pleased with my purchase the August Smart Lock is weighted and does not in anyway feel cheap at a little under $250.00 brand new on Amazon. As much that I am now enjoying the device I did however run into an issue with the August Smart Lock.

First off if you own an iPhone 7 beware. I hate to be that guy to say it, but I had to contact August after at least 3 hours of attempting to try to connect and update the device over Bluetooth. Keep in mind that to update the August Smart Lock you must have Bluetooth enabled and your phone is ideally to be near the August Smart Lock to update the firmware. (understandably) The issue that I continued to run into time after time was the fact that the August Smart Lock continued to lose it’s connection via Bluetooth when trying to update the firmware for the first time. Each time that this happened I had to continue to remove one of the four double AA batteries from the August Smart Lock which basically reset the firmware update progress bar on my iPhone. 🙁 Each time I was presented the notice to keep my phone close to the device while the firmware was updating. (even though it was 2 feet away)

So here are some troubleshooting steps that I tried that did not work:

  • Disable Bluetooth
  • Enable Bluetooth
  • Ensure that my iPhone was not connected to any other Bluetooth Devices
  • Forgot all other devices and remove them via Bluetooth but the August Smart Lock
  • Uninstall the August Smart Lock App
  • Reinstall the August Smart Lock App
  • Factory uninstall the August Smart Lock Device
  • Change the batteries in the August Smart Lock
  • Remove myself from Bluetooth (bad zones) near any Microwaved Devices or WiFi Zones. (interference)
  • Tried using my August Connect (separate device) to control the home remotely

With all those attempts even in different order I was tired and grumpy. I decided to request a refund for the device due to the fact that when I removed the battery and added it back the August Smart Lock would blink green 3 times then blink red, then attempt to update firmware, then lose connection. After that I got the message to please ensure that my phone was close to the August Smart Lock to update it’s firmware. This whole process felt like a internal loop in which I would get to 50% (farthest I got when updating) then lose connection. After uninstall and reinstall I could only make it to 25% of the way.

So what device am I using where I am unable to update the August Firmware?:

  • Well as I mentioned I am using an iPhone 7
  • It’s version at the time was iOS 10.01
  • It’s a 256GB device with only 100GB used
  • I have only connected it to 4 other Bluetooth devices

Home Setup:

  • My front door where the August Lives is about 10 feet from my wireless router
  • The August connect is about 6 feet the door making it 7 to 8 feet from my wireless router

So with all this in mind I decided to reach out to August for support:

Communication with August Support Ticket

DAVID POLANCO |  DATE: OCT 29, 2016  |  09:30PM PDT :

Hi there August, I recently sent this email to the buyer of one of your products, I was wondering if you can perhaps pay any insight into what may be happening with the August Smart Lock. Good evening, David here I am reaching out to make you aware that I have tried for over 2 1/2 hours to try and connect the August Smart Lock and updates it s firmware however it continues to loose connection via BlueTooth. I have tried on 2 devices (iOS 10) and an Android Phone. Each time the August Smart Lock Device Blinks Green 3 Times and Begins to update Firmware and then Blinks Red, and you can hear a buzz on the device (much like a fizz) What should be happening is that the device (while updating its firmware) should continue to Blink Green until the device has been fully updated. (Device meaning the lock) Keep in mind that the firmware update is NOT optional and when the app is installed it trys to search for the device. (then can not find it) I have to remove a battery, then the app tries to update the lock gets to 5% then loses connection from the lock. I have to then remove the battery from the lock (mind you I have tried new batteries as well) then it get s to 5% then disconnects again. The farthest I have made it in an update was 7% but still no dice. 🙁 I would like to return the device back to you, if you would be so kind to email a shipping label as well that would avoid me having to pay additional charges on something that just does not work. Thank you for working with me on this.


Hello, We have seen the firmware not update on a few different devices, however this is not a very common issue. Do you know which type of iPhones were being used? Also do you know the model of the Android phone?

DAVID POLANCO | OCT 30, 2016 | 06:43PM PDT:

Hi Brian, This is on an 2 iPhone 7S and Samsung Galaxy Grand. Any troubleshooting message that you would recommend would be greatly appreciated. I have gone as far as to use each device separately and going as far as resetting the device and installing/uninstall the app in each instance. I look forward to hearing from you shortly.


Hello, In regards to the Samsung Galaxy Grand, this is not one of our supported devices, so this is likely why the firmware could not be update. However, for the iPhone 7 we have had a few reports with users not able to update the firmware properly. Our team is still looking into why this is happening and to determine the root cause. In the interim another device (iPhone 5, iPhone 6, iPad or a Samsung on our compatibility list) will be able to update the firmware. Simply download the application on one of these devices and Sign In to your August account. Once signed in, connect to the lock on this device and the firmware will update! Once the firmware update is complete you will be able to use the iPhone 7, however the Samsung Grand still may not work.


Now then with all that good stuff that Brian provided me, I was unable to utilize my iPad 2 to update the firmware as the app was not compatible with the iPad 2. (bummer) However I did utilize  Nicole’s old Galaxy Note 4, and after about 15 minutes the firmware was installed on the August Smart Lock! So there you have it boys and girls, if you are having issues updating the firmware try another device and ensure that it’s on the August Phone Compatibility List. So as Brian mentioned there are issues with some iPhone 7’s, however the August Engineering Team is addressing it luckily.


I do hope this article does save you time, and as always if you have any questions do not hesitate to leave a comment below.

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