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Feb 28, 2016


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I found out last night that our dryer stopped drying with that in mind I looked online for the best deal on the dryer​  as opposed to spending a you hundred dollars on a new dryer I decided to go online and take a look at the craigslist ad on the exact same appliance. Sure enough I saw an ad that had our exact model however only a year old. I contacted the owner of the dryer and sure enough he had a shop. Long story short he said he would take our old dryer off our hands and sell us the new dryer for $125. He would also deliver it which was a big plus. I decided to take a drive to his shop. A little scary however I am sure everything will be fine. The only reason why I am creating this post to let you know about all this is that when I arrived at his shop I was greeted with a sign that said call me or text me with a bunch of appliances inside a old building with metal security bars.

Am I the only one that feels a little scared when purchasing something off of craigslist, or even transacting a cash exchange by text message?

Wish me luck!

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