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Feb 26, 2017

Google Fiber San Antonio Mapped Locations

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Google Fiber San Antonio Mapped Locations

Since the existence of Google Fiber (in other cities) I have been following the progress and set backs of Google Fiber being implemented in San Antonio Texas. What is most interesting is where these potential Fiber Huts that will exist around the city of San Antonio. I recently found a map, (please keep in mind that this is managed by someone else other than myself) so I am unable to validate these locations of where Google is laying lines.

Google Fiber Hut locations in San Antonio:

I do understand that nobody likes iframes as shown above, so here is a direct link to Fiber Huts in San Antonio. As mentioned in my intro these have been possibly changed, but they are the latest that have been available to the public. As you are aware the current status of the project is in the Construction side, however we are already past the Exploration, and Design Phases of the project so rest assured it is coming (eventually). After the Construction is the Sign Up phase and finally the installation of Google Fiber to the premise (your home).

Google Fiber Progress Chart

One thing that I would like you to keep in mind are the set backs that I mentioned. Google, according to Texas Public Radio in this Google Fiber Update from Texas Public Radio (mp3) Chances are that some locations that we’re expecting Google Fiber may be up on hold until these concerns regarding their Fiber Huts are re-evaluated. Also take a peak at the Google Fiber Backbone Route in San Antonio you can take a look at this Google Map here again this is not managed by me however.

As always you can sign up for Google Fiber updates as it comes to San Antonio at the sign up link above, however it does seem that we are going to be waiting until these Fiber Huts are re-evaluated. To stay up to date with Google Fiber in San Antonio subscriber to my News Letter on the left, I promise that I will not spam you with junk, or ads as I take your privacy seriously.

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