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Jun 03, 2016

CuteFTP (Windows) 9.0.5 Cypher Issue & WP Engine

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Noticed that Globalscape CuteFTP will not work with WP Engine SFTP Services.

Hi there this is just a quick notice that I became aware of in the later part of last year, however I felt it was important to make it known as it may assist other people who may be having trouble connecting to SFTP Service utilizing Globalscapes CuteSFTP 9.0.5. This download can be found at the CuteSFTP Download Area on the Globalscape website. From what I am aware the issue may be due to the way WP Engine does not support the following cyphers.

  • CBC
  • RC4
  • 3DES
  • MD5

Utilizing the trial software I tried to specify higher level encryption methods to no avail of the software. Is it possible that may do something wrong on me end or that my SEC settings are not correct?

Error message:

ERROR:> [6/2/2016 11:09:33 PM] Disconnect: key exchange failed.
ERROR:> [6/2/2016 11:09:33 PM] Check security settings; make sure that the username and password are correct, and that the chosen encryption algorithms are supported by server.

If anyone using CuteSFTP can shed some light on this it would be greatly appreciated.

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